Thursday, July 16, 2009

Two Most Valuable Things in Life.


I was just thinking about what is/are the most valuable thing/things that a human being aspires for? What can it be, money, fame, power? But are these things really that valuable! I know people who have all of it but still there is something lacking in their life. That joy, that happiness, that enthusiasm, the life force is nowhere to be seen, it is like having everything but still being like a beggar. I tell you that is a very very pathetic condition, I am sure all of you remember the story of King Midas, who had all the riches in the world but went lunatic. I am not saying that we should not aspire of these things, money, power, status have their place but we need not be so feverish about them, that we forget to enjoy others things that life has to offer. Now again the question, what is important then?

The answer is Love, the answer is Trust. Yes, Love and Trust are the 2 most valuable things that each one of us aspires for directly or indirectly. Just look back and see how much fulfilling you feel when someone says he/she loves you and has full trust in you. That feeling in itself is a kind of Satori, where in your consciousness is expanded and it feels like yes I am doing something in life. Else we can go on living life as a dead person and we won’t event know of it. Of course love here does not mean all that emotional drama that many of you may be thinking. It is a feeling where in you can accept the person as he is and do not go on demanding. As demand destroys love, possessiveness destroys love. Same with trust, which cannot be built overnight, it takes some time, many times years to trust a person. But I tell you if you have people who trust you, love you count yourself lucky, give a pat on your back and know for sure that you are on the right track. And mind you it takes a lot of time to build it but only one act to destroy, so whenever you have people who love you, have trust in you, regard it as something valuable and treasure it.

Lots of Love