Thursday, April 15, 2010


LIFE IS a mystery, and the first mysterious thing about life is that you can be alive and you may not have life at all. We can go on living like dull, listless, lazy people or we can be alive, full of enthusiasm, smile, be happy and make other happy. Mysteries are to be lived not solved. How in the world can you solve a mystery. I do not understand why people try to relate everything with cause and effect and endlessly waste thier mental and emotional energy in finding a reason for everything. We need to change our WHYS to WOWS i.e. ? to !.

What separates one attitude from the other or why do some people are so vibrant and alive that just by seeing, chatting or being in their company we feel nice vis a vis others who are in toto opposite. So I decided to carry out a human experiment, where in the subject was myself. The conclusion of the experiment - ITS ALL ABOUT PRANA or in other words state of our mind is directly proportional to the amount of prana in the body i.e. higher prana leads to increased levels of happiness, awareness, focus and clarity. This is an experiential conclusion not some text book baloney. What is PRANA? See the image above it will explain everything.

What are the factors that affect the prana in the body and how to increase the levels of prana? I will conclude in the next post.....

Warm Wishes