Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Who am I & Powers of 10...The perfect co relation - Part1!

Hi all,
It has been long time since I blogged (was busy with work and then went on a vacation..-:)). So, sorry about that (not for goin on vacation, but for not blogging for so long-:)). Secondly, I wish all of you very happy and prosperous 2010.

Now coming to today's post. This post has been brewing for quiet sometime and the initial spark came when I was listening to a talk on Carbon Nanotubes. The speaker (who happened to be my friend) was explaining the strange behavior of nanotubes using laws of quantum mechanics. The essence was that at nano or quantum scale the usual laws like gravitation etc are no longer valid and there is an entire new world that exists. Things are crazy in this world. In short everything is nothing but just energy and vibrations or in a geek's language it is just phonons vibrating and electrons getting from one state to the other. So all matter seen at the quantum scale is nothing but a combination of energy and vibrations. That was my Aha!!!! moment, and I began thinking - if this is true for all matter, then its valid for the human body too.

I do not remember what happened after this in the presentation. As I was lost in the synthesis of east and west or in other words bridging the gap between science and spirituality.

How and what I was thinking, will be concluded in the next post.

Till then,
Good Bye