Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Big Question???

Lately my mind is pondering upon very important and difficult questions.

What is the purpose of this life?

What do I want from it?

How can I make it useful?

The more I try to get answers to these questions more the confusion. Sometimes I feel those who do not probe so much into life and live it as a mundane thing might be happy. But are they really? Their life is like a ferrris wheel, same thing again and again and again. Typically, as I have observed 99% of the people have somewhat similar life pattern – work on the weekdays, and on the weekends they go visit friends (most of the time same set of frds), do grocery, and kill time by watching TV etc. Now, this is fine once a while but can you imagine doing it more than once a month. I ask myself do I want such a life and the answer is an outright NO. Then again the question crops up what do I want? Some excitement, some enthusiasm, some life energy. Every action should lead into a feeling of fulfillment, we shld feel yes now I have done it 100% and I have lived it 100% then we experience life in a very dynamic form. Can I have such a life?? Yes I can, as I am to choose what I want. Initially, it is difficult as the mind has been cultured to do things what most people do, but once you get over it then you recognize how useful this life can be.

I remember once, Sri Sri was asked: What is the purpose of life?

And his answer was “ The purpose of life is to serve, rest you figure it out”.

Yes, the correct balance of Sadhana (Spiritual Practice), Service and Satsang (chanting/knowledge) has the potential to give a sense of fulfillment. But it should be made a priority it is not something done in a lukewarm manner. It has to be intense.

Then again the question comes why should I do other things. That is when the spiritual knowledge goes through the litmus test. It is very easy to renounce the world and have a peaceful mind, but the challenge is when you are in the world, doing the usual chores and still not perturbed by the disturbances around. It is living life like a LOTUS. If you notice, the lotus flower is in dirt but is still is unsoiled by it, similarly a true Yogi is one who lives life in the world but is untouched by its dirt.

So I strive to be a LOTUS at the same time taking each day as gift from God. But the questions still remain...-:).