Monday, April 26, 2010

Advantages/Disadvantages of B.S (Bull Shit)

Once upon a time there was a bird who was BFF with a bull. It was a symbiotic relationship, where the bird took out ticks from the bull hair and in return the bull allowed the bird to sit on it. A time passed by the bird got old and fat. One day with dejection she said " If only I could once climb the top of that tree and marvel at the beauty of nature, I will be so happy. Gone are the days when I used to reach the top in minutes. Now my body is too old and fat to fly that far." The bull thought for a moment and replied " You can still do it, if you eat a little of my dung everyday for 2 weeks by the end I guarantee you will be able to reach the top of the tree". The bird was furious and with discernible anger she started arguing with the bull. Finally, the bull was able to persuade the bird to eat the shit for 2 weeks.

After 2 weeks the bird tries to fly to reach the top, and AHA!! it is able to fly high and high and reach the top. Once at the top, it is lost in the beauty of nature and gazes at the pulchritude of nature in absolute awe.

At some distance from the tree a farmer was relaxing in his old rock chair with some coffee and cake. Suddenly, he notices this big, fat bird sitting on top of the tree. He gets his shot gun and shoots the bird and it comes crashing on the

ground - DEAD.

Moral of the story is -- "Sometimes, even BULLSHIT can take you to the top, but it won't let you stay there for long".