Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A case for Marrying Older Women !!

Ever wondered why in a marriage the girl is younger (99% time). I tried to think on this with some reasoning, but it did not make any sense. In fact if you do the opposite i.e. girl is older than the boy it all fits in so well. The reason is because women live longer than men, on an average 3 - 5 yrs more. So for marriage the age of the girl should be more than the age of the boy.

Boys are less strong than girls. Men live for less years than women. That’s why, there are more old women than old men, more widows than widowers. If the average age for a woman is eighty, then the average for men is seventy-five. It is five years more. But why, why do women live more? The reason is a woman is capable of accepting more than a man. If a man dies first, the woman will cry, weep, suffer, but will be able to accept the fact and regain balance. But if a woman dies than it is difficult for man to regain balance and come out of it. Additionally, just think about carrying a child in the womb for 9 months and then delivering the baby is a lot of stress and requires strength; both physical and mental. Thus, nature has designed women to be more resilient and stronger than men.

Therefore, every man should marry a woman who is at least 3 - 5 years older than him. Then the balance will be perfect. Then they will die almost within six months of one another. But why has this not happened? Part of it has to do with the man's ego as a man feels a little weak if he is going to marry a woman who is older, more experienced, more knowledgeable than him. If the woman is older it also makes sense on other fronts as well because the woman needs to be more experienced as she is going to become the mother and take care of the house and raising the child.

What do u say? Time to reinvent the wheel.....^-^