Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The best thing in the world!!!

So, for a past few weeks I was pondering on what is the best thing in the world. After-all, all of us somehow want to do whatever that is best. We want to get the best job, the best girl/boy for marriage, the best companion for a relationship etc. Now the question is - What is the best thing in the world and how do you decide that this is the best thing. After much introspection and thinking I have concluded that there is no best thing in the world!!!! Yes, there is no such thing as the best thing. The reason fo this - best involves the entire world, and do something best we have to be better than every other person who is doing it. Practically this is impossible. You can do a great thing but not the best thing. Whatever you do,  when you put your heart and soul into it, that is a great thing, but not the best. Me sitting in the mountains may not be the best thing but it is great thing, a scientist working 16 hours/day is not the best thing but a great thing. Trying to do the best thing is in itself a self defeating process. Adi Shankaracharya once said "Nischala Tattve Jeevan Muktih" translated it means - if a person does anything with total involvement he will get enlightened.
Now the problem with us is whatever we do we do not involve ourself completely. It is said that even if you sweep the floor with total involvement you will be enlightened. It is not a joke!! But the person who is sweeping the floor wants to do something else, that someone else wants to sweep the floor and so on. So no need to go for the best thing, any work done with our heart and total involvement is a great thing and that is a sure sure way for success. Trying to do the best thing is nothing but an endless waste of time and energy.

Good Day...