Thursday, March 24, 2011

IS there anything called MIRACLE........

    "MIRACLE" - this word has always perplexed me to an extent that cannot be expressed here. I guess it is one of the few words that has been misused and misconstrued in every culture.  When I was a kid (3 years ago :), I used to believe that yes there are miracles in life. Without actually understanding, without using my intellect; I used to believe what my parents and elders told me. But then over a period of time  a lot of things happened which made me perform a swift volte - face. This new attitude and thinking has puzzled almost everyone in my family but trust me, if I have begun to think a little differently about these matters, rest assured that good cause has been given me. One of the reasons comes to my mind is that I could never have done this did I not develop within my complex nature the 2 elements of scientific skepticism and spiritual sensitivity, elements which usually range themselves in sharp conflict and flagrant opposition.

So coming to the question - is there anything such as a miracle? Lets build a case with an example lets say you do not know what a helicopter is and you have never seen one. Now one morning you wake up and see there is this weird object outside your house. When you come out; people tell you that the man inside the machine can fly this object. This will puzzle you, right? Because as humans there is a tendency of believing only that, which is in our limited experience. And then people tell you that the man flying the helicopter is a wizard and he can do any miracle that you can imagine. He is the miracle man of the town!! What will you do then? I guarantee 100% that you will believe it. Now this will be a miracle for you, but say if somehow you knew what a helicopter is and had a little knowledge of aerodynamics then this entire episode could be explained with very solid reasoning. Correct? So the name of the game is to increase our perception.

Yet quiet frankly as of now I do not believe in miracles. Neither do most men of my generation. But I do believe that our knowledge of nature's laws is incomplete and when the advance guard of scientists  who are pushing forward into unexplored territory have found out a few more of those laws, we shall then be able to do things which are tantamount to miracles. This understanding did not came from a text book or someone telling me this or that but it was restored in the only way a skeptic could have restored it, not by argument, but by the witness of an overwhelming experience about 2 months ago.

These 2 guys were one of many factors responsible for my new attitude. They like questioning everything in short their motto is - "Question the unquestionable".

Thus, as a child who grew up in a conservative household where ceremonies and rituals are performed without knowing the reason behind them, I have changed to a person who relies on hard facts and cold reason, and which lacks enthusiasm for things like beliefs, morals or anything not in my experience and I regard it as quiet an achievement. Please note this does not mean that I doubt what others do nor do I condescend them. I just look it this way - may be it is working for them and they are happy with it, but as far as I am concerned I do not know what happens when they do these things. Also not believing in morals does not mean debauchery, what governs my life is LIFE SENSE i.e. seeing the other person as a life and not just an object or an accumulation of atoms. So when this realization happens you will never abuse/use/hurt other people for your own vested interest.

Bottom line is - Through the eye of a scientist nothing is a miracle, and through the eye of a mystic everything is a miracle ......
Who are you? 
Somewhere in middle? 
Its okay, as confusion is better than a conclusion!!
So long