Thursday, September 2, 2010

On the subject of Love and Relationships

It has always intrigued me as to why there is such a strong urge to be in a relationship or to get a partner (both short term and long term -:)). This made me probe into 2 questions:
1. Can a person live by him/her self.
2. Why as humans companionship is so important.
Why is it so difficult to live alone? Living alone, can lead to meditation or depression. Meditation when the hands are busy and mind is full i.e. lot of work to be done and a purpose in life, depression when you have enough time to think about lot of irrelevant stuff i.e. time coming at a premium. But still it does not solve the mystery 100%, there are people who have plenty of stuff to do, but still seek others. Why?

This made me realize that it is the oneness or boundlessness that we are seeking, there is something in us that feels insufficient the way we are right now. And so we want to make the other a part of ourself and expand. When this desire finds a physical expression it is SEX, when it finds an emotional expression it is LOVE and when it finds a mental expression it is GREED/AMBITION. But then again if boundlessness is what we seek for then is there a way to work for it directly; than use pseudo means which give a sense of pleasure but are not enough to give us what we want. One of the great mystics has put it in the right way " Trying t reach boundlessness through physical realities is like trying to catch the mirage in a desert".

The methods of union or experiencing boundlessness are many. Like - love, heightened awareness, yoga practises etc. Loving other person is one of the most pleasant ways at the same time very risky as with involvement comes entanglement. The reason why we love someone is because it gives a certain sense of happiness. But that feeling is transitory, sometimes we will be happy and at times angry and miserable. Same goes with SEX. So in short all these methods allow us to become temporarily blissful. Kindly, note nowhere I am saying that they are good or bad or right or wrong, the point I want to make here is that there should be a way to be blissful 24*7. Yoga and meditation are a step in that direction. Not that they will take you to this state but are a vehicle for the journey.

Bottom-line is " If unbounded expansion is what you are seeking in life, then why not pursue it consciously. As if you seek it without awareness your life will go waste as you will do many stupid things that won't mean anything to you towards the end". What methods you choose will determine where you reach!!

C u later