Thursday, June 9, 2011

Recipe - French Toast (Indian Style)

   Egg is the ultimate comfort food!!! Cooks fast, is delicious and nutritious. Here is the my twist to the french toast i.e. cooking it with Indian Style.

1. Take 3 eggs (organice, cage free, vegetarian diet fed chicken please).
2. Add chili powder and salt to taste and beat them up so everything mixes well.

3. On the side finely chop some red onion and a green chili.
4. Add them (onion and chili) in the beaten up eggs and mix everything well.

5. Heat some EVOO in a non stick frying pan.

6. On the side take a slice of white bread and dip it in the eggs till the bread soaks up the mixture.

7. Put the soaked bread in the frying pan and on the side up put some onions and green chills from the egg mixture. Cook one side for 2 min on a medium heat.

8. Flip the bread, be careful not to break it. The way I do it is - I make sure the spatula I use has enough area so I can accomodate the entire bread slice. 

9. Cook for 2 min on medium heat.

10. And voila, enjoy it with ketchup and a  glass of fresh orange juice.


  •  If you like the toast to be sweet add some sugar and vanilla extract and get rid of the chillies and reduce the salt by 80%.
  • This recipe can feed well one average adult person (like it can be a brunch kinda thing).
  • To make the dish more fancy you can add cilantro, scallions as well.

Next will be my escapade with an exotic dish I cooked.