Thursday, January 21, 2010

Who am I & Powers of 10...The perfect co relation - Concluding Part

In short everything is nothing but just energy and vibrations or in a geek's language it is just phonons vibrating and electrons getting from one state to the other. So all matter seen at the quantum scale is nothing but a combination of energy and vibrations.

Physics agrees with the fact that the world of name and form exists only as a condition of perception; at the subatomic level, everything is flux of energy. I strongly believe that all things are flux of energy, as well as space. This point of view is well corroborated with powers of 10. Viewed in a certain manner, powers of 10 have a hidden secret. If we think in numbers. At a distance of 0.1 angstroms we see nothing but a vast space between electrons
Written in powers of 10 this is - 10-11
At 10 angstroms the outer shell electrons appears as vibrating points.
In powers of 10 this is - 10-09
At 1 meter (100 ) we see things as compact and solid mass.
Now lets see what happens if we keep increasing the distance.

At a distance of 100 million million meters, sun is seen just as a speck amongst other stars.
Written in powers of 10 this is 1014

Going even further at 100 million light years, we see nothing but pure space; yes pure empty space.
In powers of 10 it is 1024.
We started with
10-11 - everything was nothing but space and ended with 1024 and all we see is nothing but space. Everything comes out of nothingness and everything goes into nothingness this is the alpha and omega of life. In fact, if somehow we get rid of the all the space between atoms then the whole world can be packed into a match box, yes a match box and I am not kidding.

The above argument tallies well with modern physics, a real scientist will acknowledge the fact that the things we see out in the world are not separate from each other and from us. We think them to be separate because of the limitations of our senses. For e.g. - if our eyes had a high resolution we may have seen the world as a continuous field of vibration, energy and space.

The entire spiritual journey can be summarized in 3 steps.
1. There is an infinite, changeless reality beneath the world of change.
2. This same reality lies at the core of every human personality.
3. The purpose of life is to experience this reality EXPERIMENTALLY/SUBJECTIVELY, which means to realize a feeling of oneness with every human being on the planet.

This reality is nothing but the fact that all of us are made from the same energy with lots of space. Name and form may be different but there is an underlying unity that connects everyone.

To summarize, from space I have come and in space I will dissolve; everything else in the middle is a joke.
Excerpt from a conversation I had with someone in India.

Q. Where have you come from?
Ans. Space
Q. Where are you going?
Ans. Space.
Q. What the fuck are you doing here?
Ans. Just fooling around for some years.

Yours Truly,