Saturday, December 15, 2012

A beautiful song...speechless

2nd post of the day. I was suppose to finish some stuff in the morning, but found out that the power to the buildings is shut. Hence, I decided to put one more post. I took some pictures that were clicked by me (80%) and then used multimedia to compile the song and the photographs..

This is a song I found online, an amazing thing about this song is the sincerity of the singer. For me it is one of those songs you listen and you know that the composer and singer have put their heart into it. Makes me teary...


Discovering the self, one step at a time

Lot of time has elapsed since I wrote a post, for reasons both personal and professional I was not in the correct mindset to pen things down. I went through many interesting and intense experiences resulting in ambivalent feelings. I will not go into the specific situations, but one thing that I have concluded is – anything and everything in the world exists only and only if it is in your experience or in other words theoretical, textbook, and things told by other people are just information that is fed and can nowhere be equated to real leaning. And so here is the 1st set of my learning’s:

1. No person can be labeled good or bad based on how they behave with you. Its all the about the time, at times people who you think are friends may behave like enemies and vice versa. The key here is not to get personal and emotional and look at things objectively. Keeping this in the mind helps us to see at the overall picture and not get caught up with individuals. And if there are people who are vindictive, malicious, and avaricious I would just advice to stay away from these individuals because there are tons of better things you can invest your precious time in, that’s a choice that you have always.

2. Emotional, social, or financial dependence on other people puts you at the receiving end, which can be very crippling and detrimental to your personal outlook and growth. I am not suggesting to be antisocial, but the point here is to share your happiness not seek happiness from external sources. Because no matter what you do outside situations, things, and people will never behave the way you want them. Intelligent people fix themselves i.e. work on inner technology not the other way round.

3. Meditate, meditate, and meditate. Yes meditate everyday, especially people who do have intense jobs that require use of mental horsepower. To explore the effects of meditation on my mind and body I did a small experiment, i.e. practiced meditation on a regular basis for 4 months and then stopped doing it for 3 months. Here is are my observations on benefits of regular meditation :
- recharges, resets, and restores body and the mind
- builds a reservoir of energy that you may have use in adverse situations or in other words makes          you feel strong not just be strong
- makes you more aware, alert, and efficient in daily work

4. For many people work fills a large part of the vacuum in life. Hence choose a job that you are passionate about. If you can get one, it’s the best things that can happen. Then you are like a self-propelled machine and it is one of the most fulfilling feelings. If, what you want to do and what you have to do agree – know that you are blessed!

5. Don’t react without thought. Sometimes in the heat of moment it is hard to resist and we snap back. If possible avoid this. I am more than convinced that at times silence can be golden and is very useful to diffusive an unfavorable situation. Many times, just keeping mum can do wonders. Whoever said “ You have 2 ears and one mouth so use the organs in that proportion” was 200% right. When to practice this will depend on the specific situation. 

Bye bye,