Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Lesson of a life....Concluding part

Contd. from the last post.....
I went to one of the desk and started working on my stuff. After some time this dude comes and tells me " I did not want you to take a picture while I am working". I replied " Yes, I know and I am sorry about that, I already deleted that pic. And FYI you were nowhere in the picture". He listen and replies " But that isn't the reason I am telling you this". Then WHAT I shouted in a slightly rude voice.

He looks a bit surprised and tells me" The reason I gestured you to stop was because the chemicals in that room are sensitive to white light, and I had a bottle that was open. Since the flash of the camera was on it would have been bad for my experiments". As soon as I heard this I was dumbfounded for 2 reasons. First, I was annoyed at my stupidity, as I had been using that room for over 2 years and second, I was cursing my mind as to how quickly I made a judgement about that person. Without, knowing the facts or the actual situation my mind had drawn a conclusion.

This lead me to some introspection about my mind, and emotions. And how easily it is for each one of us to make judgements about people, their nature, behavior or in extreme cases character itself. Though some of you may say that - Good judgement comes from experience and experience comes form bad judgement. Agreed, but the catch here is - as long as we are aware that we have made an error and have the humility to rectify the thinking. Eventually, after observing the mind over a period of mind we see that there is no point in having prejudiced against people just because someone told something about them or you saw them in an awkward situation. As everything in the world changes with time. The key is to approach everything in life - people, situations, with an open and receptive mind.