Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Lesson of a life.....Part1

Fig. Inside view of a clean room.

Many a times even small events can teach a BIG lesson. Learning depends on the level of personal awareness, alertness, attitude and adaptability. I had an opportunity to apply this to my outlook.
For my research work I have to shuttle between Columbia U and Cornell on a regular basis. I work at the Nanofabrication Facility (one of the best in the U.S - for research purpose) at Cornell. Now for those of you who do not know what a nanofab lab is. In short all of the nano/micro fabrication is done in a clean room which is space with a special environment like controlled amount of particles in air, controlled humidity and temperature etc. Even the lighting in some rooms is different as there are chemical that are sensitive to white light, so we have esp. rooms (Yellow Rooms) within the clean room.

Coming to the point, a few months back I was at Cornell and working my a** off in the clean room, at one point I got so inundated with work that it was time to do something different. Incidentally, I had bought my camera in the facility, so I thought why not do some photography.

Fig. Me preparing to use chemicals (Note the fake smile - just for the camera..-:)).

Taking some pics here and there and getting myself clicked in different poses, I went outside one of the yellow rooms and started clicking. Apparently, there was a dude who was working in the room. As soon I clicked the picture, he looked at me and made gestures with his hand indicating to stop this photographic adventure. I was taken aback and though to myself come-on I am not even clicking your picture, you were nowhere in the pic. With sadness and dejection I left the spot and thought why this person is so ANAL, whats wrong with him, he must be a real - PISSY dude.

I went to one of the desk and started working on my stuff. After some time this dude comes and tells me......

What did he tell me, and what was my reaction and the lesson that came home ....will be concluded in the next post.


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