Saturday, June 27, 2009

Meeting with The President….Part 2

John Nash and President Kalam
After the event, there was a private reception/meeting where a few people who wanted to see him in person were allowed. Yes, I was one of them -☺. I saw people getting books so he could sign it, a few had some things that they wanted him to inaugurate, few were talking about some service projects, a lot of them wanted his autograph etc. The most amazing moment was to be a witness during the conversation of 2 great minds; John Nash and President Kalam. It was evident that they had immense respect for each other. After a few minutes John takes out a paper form his pocket and requests for an autograph, Kalam Sir acknowledges. When John was about to put the paper back in his pocket Kalam Sir tell him “Can I have the paper back please…”. One moment I thought what happened, why did he ask it back? Then he takes out the pen again and corrects it from “ To John Nash” to “ To Respected John Nash”.

Wait I need to change something.-:).

Incidentally I also found out that John Nash has an image of a hero esp. in U.S. It was evident from the way he was being mobbed by people when he was leaving the main hall to the reception area. My roommate, Vijay (Ph.d. IEOR) considers John as GOD yes GOD, he was so excited to hear that John was there at the function. And then came my turn to meet them…

to be followed in the concluding part…

For those of you who still do not know John Nash please read:


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