Thursday, September 24, 2009

You R Responsible.....


I have been thinking how we sometimes blame other people for our moods etc. But on the contrary if you decide YOU are responsible for all your moods, for all your actions, in the beginning depression will take over. But IF you can pass through that depression, soon you will feel light because now you are freed from the other, now you can move on your own. You can be free, you can be happy. Even if the whole world is unhappy and unfree it makes no difference. Otherwise, how is a Buddha possible? The whole world is the same. It is just the same as it is for you, but a person who has realized the above fact goes on dancing and singing; he is freed.

And the 1st freedom is to stop throwing responsibility on the other; the 1st freedom is to know that you are responsible for action as well as in-action. One of my friend called me and said that people misuse him and take unfair advantage of him, he says some of his friends are selfish and misuse his kindness. I told him that if people are trying to use you, God has given you intellect to decide what do and when to say NO. Be nice to people but don’t be na├»ve. Using people is their karma getting used or not is your free will.

Responsibly Yours,


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