Monday, November 16, 2009

We are Watching.......Part01

A lot of times when I discuss spirituality with my friends and tell them how Art of Living helped me in my inner growth. They all acknowledge the fact, that this path is great. But somehow when it comes down to them taking the program excuses are rife. Most common being I do not have time or I am watching or let me analyze 1st then I decide. They will attend the Satsang, will come to the Yoga and meditation session and when it comes to learning the home practice many of them go into reasoning mode, they want to observe and then decide on committing. They are very clever - clever fools -:) - because these things cannot be watched from the outside. What is happening is an inner phenomenon. Many times you cannot even see to whom it is happening. From the outsied there is no possibility to watch it. How can you watch from outside? Gestures you can see; people doing meditation you can see. But what is happening inside, that is meditation. What they are doing outside is just a situation.

It happened: there was a Sufi Master,
Jalaludin. He had a small school of disciples. People passing sometimes would come to see what was happening in the school. Once a group of very intellectual people came. They are always very alert people, very clever, and they looked. In the Master’s house, just in the compound, a group of 100 people were sitting, and they were doing mad gestures – somebody laughing, somebody crying, somebody jumping.

The intellectuals watched. They said, ’What is going on? This man is leading them toward madness. And this is nonsense; we have never heard. People when they meditate, they sit silently.” And there was much discussion (as usual..-☺) between them. A group of them said, ”Because we don’t know what is happening, it is not good to take any judgment.” Then there was a third group among them who said, ”Whatsoever it is, it is worth enjoying. We would like to watch. Why can’t we enjoy it? Why be bothered what they are doing? But just to watch them is a beautiful thing.”

Then after a few months, again, the same group came to the school to watch. Now what was happening? Now everybody was silent. The 100 persons were there, the Master was there – they were sitting silently, so silently, as if there was no one, like statues. Again there was discussion. There was a group who said, ”Now they are useless. What to see? Nothing! The first time we had come it was beautiful. We had enjoyed it. But now they are just boring.” The other group said, ”But now we think they are meditating. The first time they were simply mad. This is the right thing to do; this is how meditation is done. It is written in the scriptures, described in this way.”
But there was still a third group who said, ”We don’t know anything about meditation. How can we judge?”

What happened after this.....wait for the concluding post...-:).


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