Monday, December 14, 2009

To Marry or Not to Marry

A few people in the world have this doubt, should they get married or not. After all it is a huge commitment as you are taking the responsibility of a person.
There was a great philosopher - Socrates, and a few people went and asked him. Hey Socrates, " Should I get married?" These were the people who were not sure whether it is worth an investment.

Socrates was the correct person for the question as he had suffered a lot from his wife. She was really terrible -- a witch. She used to beat Socrates, she had also poured a kettle of tea over his face and had burned him -- half his face remained burned throughout his life. Such a beautiful man, such a beautiful person like Socrates, and he had found the most terrible woman.
So these young men asked. Socrates said," Yes, if you listen to me get married. There are 2 possibilities. 1st - if the wife is like mine, you will became a great philosopher like me. 2nd - if you get a nice wife, of course you will enjoy your life. Both the possibilities are good." As if the wife is very bad she will nag you continuously and this is a great help to meditation. By and by one starts feeling unattached. One starts feeling," This is all illusion, maya." So don't avoid complexities in life, learn, pass through them, because that is the only way to grow.

So in short what we can conclude is in life, never escape from problems. They are very helpful, as they aid your growth. And if you are going to marry/date a girl, do not get a cow. So find a real woman, who will give you all sorts of troubles...-:). It is in that situation, one's mettle is put to test....

Happy Hunting...-:)


  1. Hmm... Interesting point of view. I liked it. maybe one day I can be brave enough and accept also coping with troubles due to a woman...

  2. Just realize that you already have that strength and move in life. To get stuck is to equal to living a dead life.....


  3. How can u be sure, have u gone through this experience? Just curious.

    Your Friend...

  4. My Dear Anonymous Friend,

    Just because I do not stand in sun in summers, it does not mean I do not know what is the temperature outside.....-:)
    I hope u got it...

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