Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Being Naked - Where to draw the line...

I have always wondered - how much openness is enough in a relationship, at work or in any other situation that involves other people. Is there a fine line, which once crossed can make you look like a fool or a nut case. If we are completely open there will be only 2 opinions people can have -
1. Either they love us for being so honest and forthright.
2. They hate us for not being a part of the herd!
But mind you being naked or being very honest can have serious implications too. It makes you very vulnerable, it is a kind of vulnerability that comes from
being completely open and honest with no sense of pretense or cover.

The side effects include:
a. Being Judged all the time.
b. Being Embarrassed - Since u r open, its inevitable not to make mistakes or ask some dumb question or even give a stupid suggestion. So its a great chance that we may be embarrassed in front of people.

At the same time being
naked is not for weak people and those who employ this approach need to be prepared for the implications. People behaving in such a manner leave themselves exposed to criticism and rejection, and may lose popularity amongst the group. It requires a certain self-esteem, humility and courage that many people do not have. However, anyone who is willing to set their ego and fear aside can practice the approach successfully. And they will benefit both in terms of the success of their professional as well as personal lives. This is one of the ways to build deep lasting relationships as you are projecting your true self - with no veil.

But again how much openness is enough --- That I leave on your intelligence...-:).

P.S: Corporate world has started realizing this model and recently there was a book "Getting Naked" by Patrik Lencioni. The model of this approach as written by Mr. Lencioni is summarized in the diagram below.


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