Monday, April 25, 2011

Musings of a seeker.....

It is hard for me to refuse the company of Yogis, mystics and true spiritual seekers. Without much effort I easily connect with these people, the primary reason being their  approach to life and the situations that govern it. They make no assumptions about things and people, are straight with others and more importantly with themselves. In short these are the people who have the quest of truth as the summum bonum of life, a commodity too rare in todays world. 

I have had the good fortune to meet a few Yogis/mystics up close and personal. Two of them, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, have and continue to inspire me in one way or the other. I am glad that I have some role models (other than my mother) in my life, who give me direction whenever I need it. 

My personal encounters with them have made me conclude one thing for sure, which is, both of them are inspired dreamers, serenely - minded Yogis, practical men of the world and polished gentlemen. These are the people who have a character as clear as a crystal and courage that would shame a warrior, something every human aspires for. I must admit that my reverence for them is  purely because I know and have experienced that they can really transform someone's life, which as per my standards is the most difficult task to achieve. So when a few of my acquaintances ask me if there is any danger of being manipulated by them? My answer is - If there is a chance of being manipulated by someone who really knows to run the business of life I am happy to be manipulated, but one has to tread the waters with caution when people around them tell/judge you with their mind and preferences. So have to be xtra careful on that note. One thing I can vouch for is that they bring in no supernatural power, demand no blind religious faith or reverence to them, and are in no way looking on how you can please them.  Something that seekers like me who believe in critical obedience, appreciate and I can never see myself amongst the ranks of the perpetually rapturous, however hard I try. Part of it has to do with me not giving into easy adoration, having long suffered form an affliction that I term insubordination -  a primal discomfort with authority figures and gate keepers of all kinds. And with this goes a dislike for all the mush and rhetoric that accompanies a guru based culture. 

So what is the purpose of these beings? It seems to me that the presence of men like Sadhguru and Sri Sri, ensures the continuity down history of an esoteric message from regions/dimensions not easily accessible to us all. It seems to me, further, that one must accept the fact that such a sage comes to reveal something to us, not to argue/prove anything with us. As I have seen numerous instances where people unnecessarily will argue with them.  Their sole purpose is to make a human realize that he/she is nothing but pure consciousness, untouched by events, people and situations.  

At any rate their teachings make a strong appeal to me for their personal attitude and practical method, when understood, are quiet scientific in their way. The sublime spirituality of the atmosphere in their presence and thier strong push on the rational self - questioning on the spiritual path entices me a lot. The word "GOD" is never on their lips and they avoid the dark and debatable waters of wizardry/beliefs and anything not in one's experience, in which so many voyages have ended in shipwreck. They simply puts forward a way of self - analysis, which can be practiced irrespective of any ancient or modern theories and beliefs one may hold, a way that will finally lead man to true self understanding and to the truth. 

After all that is what the ultimate purpose of life is, at-least for me. What about you?

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