Monday, April 23, 2012

Good Bye Grandpa...

The most certain thing in anyone's life is Death.  Life is constantly uncertain, but death is a 100 percent certainty. Yet why we as human beings forget this reality and waste precious time in arguments, holding on to the past, and keeping grudges. Recently, my maternal grandfather passed away which has made me ponder on the limited nature of life. A 6 feet tall person reduced to ashes that can be put in a small pot – this is a fact. I was very attached to him and would often share and do things that I normally won’t with other people. The oldest memories I have was, when I as a kid used to sit near him every morning and insist that I will also shave with him. He used to oblige me by giving a razor without a blade and I used to happily fool around with it. For my mom, he was a friend, mentor, and someone, to whom she could go for any advice, no wonder she is in deep grief because of this loss.

Being aware of this fact that one-day I too will die helps me to think and act on the higher dimensions of life. It is only once a person realizes that death is guaranteed, the perspective to look at life changes completely. Who has the time to waste on all kinds of nonsense and stupid things people partake in. Hence one of my goals is to make every moment of my life and people around me as beautiful as possible.

Jananam Sukhadam Maranam Karunam
Milanam Madhuram Smaranam Karunam
Kalavashadiha Sakalam Karunam
Samyadhipateh Akhilam Karunam"

Birth is joyful, death a sorrow
To consort is joyful, to be left with memories is sorrowful
In the inevitable flow of time, everything turns sorrowful, (for the individual, not for the cosmic order)
In the kingdom of time, the end is appropriately sorrowful.

Till then, goodbye Grandpa…

I will miss you,

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