Thursday, October 15, 2009

Being Alone and Lonely…

A lot of times, each one of us feel there is no company, no one to talk to and it leads to boredom. But then again the question arises why do we feel this hankering for someone’s company, be it parents, friends, girlfriends, etc. Mind you being alone is not same as being lonely. Aloneness is when you are so content that you don’t need the other, the other does not pull you towards herself/himself. Loneliness is ugly, it has a negative vibration with it. Just imagine if you are so bored with your own self how deadly boring will you be for the other. This has to be understood deeply. Just think on your own life. Why do you hanker so much for the other? Why is this constant madness for the other? Why aren’t we satisfied with our own self? From where arises this misconception that you are incomplete? Not that I do not feel these things, I have been in such situations countless times. Where I thought if I get the company of this girl my life will be so happy…-☺. This is tendency of the mind to get caught with objects and become identified with them. The trick to get out of it is – Catch yourself red handed as many times as you can. Again and again catch yourself red handed and drop the object (can be a live person or a material possession). And suddenly you will feel coolness, all excitement gone.

There is a word in Sanskrit called VIVEKA (discrimination), which means to realize that you are not the body, you are not the mind but a Pure Witness (Sakshi) to this life and its events. And when the power to discriminate between; what is a dream and what is reality grows the mind automatically becomes calm, serene, silent and centered. For an unaware person dreams come when he/she sleeps, for a person with heightened awareness the whole life is a dream...-:).

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