Monday, October 5, 2009

Intellect and Intuition !!!

Sometimes I sit and ponder on the fact, where can I use intelligence and what is the place of intuition in life. Surrounded by scientists and analytical people all the time, I tend to get in the analysis mode; wherein I tend to analyze my life and the events. But then again part of me just wonders at the magnanimity of this creation and, that WHY changes to WOW!!! Too much intellect can make you aggressive, dry and serious. Intellect is aggressive, on the contrary intuition is receptive, it lightens you, it makes you more sensitive.

If you are receptive you become intuitional and start seeing things which the intellectual can never see because he is not open. And the most amazing thing is that the intellectual is looking for them but cannot see, and the intuitional is not looking for them but can see. In fact all the great discoveries have been done by intellectual people, but in their intuitonal moods. Intuitional people are not able to make discoveries because they are not looking for them, so even if they come across them, they forget about them.

Yoga: The Alpha and the Omega, Vol 4 As a matter of fact the supreme consciousness/supreme intelligence/God whatever you want to call it, can only be known through intuition. What is beyond intelligence is only Divine. Then again the question, where do I use my intelligence?

Ans. Use your intellect to become silent, sharp and talented.
So that, if in life you come across something in your intuitional mood you can really discover it.

Intellectually Intuitional Friend ...-:)

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