Monday, November 2, 2009

Three Most Important Qualifications on Spitirtual Path...03 Concluding Part

The last most imp quality of a seeker is INTENSITY or in other words I can write, giving your 100% in whatever you do. Most of the time we live a very, very limited life and do not allow our energy a full play. Whatever you do, don't hold yourself, if you love someone love totally, flow into the other totally. If you are swimming swim totally, if you are eating, drinking, talking, crying etc, just do it totally let there be nothing to hold you back. I tell you it is the shortest way to be happy. Because anything incomplete is very difficult to drop. Complete things ripen and fall on their own accord. When a fruit is ripe it falls. Of course the tree feels for a few seconds something is missing, and then it forgets. So be it relationships or any other tasks if done 100% then there is no baggage that comes with it.

There is beautiful story in Zen which goes like this:
Somebody asked Chao-chou, a great Zen Master, "What did you used to do before you became enlightened?"
He said, "I used to chop wood and fetch water from the well."
The man asked, "Now that you have become enlightened, what do you do?"
He said, "The same. I chop wood and I fetch the water from the well."
The man was a little puzzled; he said, "But what is the difference then?"
Chao-Chou said, "The difference is much. Before, I used to do many more things side by side. Chopping wood, I would think of many things. Carrying water from the well, I would think of many things. But now I simply carry the water, I simply chop the wood. Even the chopper has disappeared. Just chopping. Just chopping, nobody's there."

So the bottom-line is live life as intensely as possible because anyway one day death has to come and seeing a dead body remember, death is coming and use this opportunity to be alive as intensely as possible. So you can embrace death and go in deep rest.

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