Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Limbs/Steps of YOGA

Steps and limbs both, they are both. Steps they are because one has to be followed by another and they are in a deep relationship. The second cannot come before the first -- the first has to be first and the second has to be second.
And limbs because they have an internal unity. For example, an automobile, it has various parts and all of them have to function together for a successful trip. Everything is joined together. And has to function with organic unity, otherwise things won't happen how we want them to happen; internally.

1.     Yam – Self Restraint
Ø Ahimsa – Non Violence
Ø Satya - Truthfulness
Ø Asteya - Honesty
Ø Brahmacharya – Sexual Continence
Ø Aparigraha – Non Possesiveness

2.     Niyam – Fixed Observance
Ø Shaucha - Purity
Ø Santosha -Contentment
Ø Tapas - Austerity
Ø Swadhyaya – Self Study
Ø Ishvarapranidhana – Surrender to the divine

3.     Asana - Posture
4.     Pranayama – Breath Regulation
5.    Pratyahaar – Withdrawl of senses
6.    Dharana – Maintaining Mental Focus
7.    Dhyana - Meditation
8.    Samadhi – Deep state of equanimity
Each of them has to be interpreted properly as if you go by the English translation it is very easy to distort the actual meaning. Next posts we will dissect the 8 limbs one at a time.

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