Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Date with a Mystic......Part 1

The land of tigers, elephants, innumerable languages, variety of cultures and above all mystical beings has a charm that is hard to resist. No wonder when Mark Twain visited this sacredly secret country said that " Whatever that can possibly be done by God or man has been done on this land ". India's most precious wealth is the rich culture and the great masters from Patanjali, Agastya Muni to Maharishi Ramanna and so on; that decided to take birth on this part of the globe. Emerging in every generation theses people have protected the land against the fate of ancient Egypt and Babylonia. 

Accidentally, I happened to witness one of the Masters, in person. None other that Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev. Whenever I have been to his talks in other parts of world or listened to some his videos what I can say for sure is there is something in this man which holds my attention as iron is held by a magnet. A few weeks ago I was at one of the temples and suddenly the news came that Sadhguru will be coming for a darshan/blessing. I was very excited and meticulously prepared a list of questions that have been bugging me since a long time. There were some singers on the left side of stage, singing some sanskrit hymns. The whole gathering (~500 people), were in total silence and eagerly waiting for the mystic to come and talk about something and answer the questions. 

30 min after we all sat down I see a dignified man walking in a white robe towards the stage; the vibration of his presence are palpable and I notice most of the people who are sitting going into a state of ecstasy. I too had the same sensations. Effortlessly he come and takes the seat and closes his eyes. I experience a strong surge of energy thorough my spine and for few moments I become unaware of the physical body. As I closed my eyes with him and one by one all the questions I had prepared drop away.  For it does not now seem to matter whether they are asked or not and it does not seem to matter whether I sove the problems that have perplexed me. A steady stream of quietness seems to be flowing near me and a great peace was penetrating the inner reaches of my being and my over active thought/judgement tortured brain was arriving at some rest.

To be continued......

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