Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Date with a Mystic......Part 2

There seems to be telepathic current that plays between us, and the 2 dimensions - time and space seems to vanish. I become aware that he is linking my own mind with his and he is taking my heart into a state of unperturbed calm which he seems perpetually to enjoy. In this extraordinary peace, I find a sense of exaltation and lightness. My heart is released from the all the burdens and disappointments. Never again, I feel, shall the bitterness of anger and melancholy of unsatisfied desire afflict me. 

In this beautiful, entranced silence, when the clock stands still and the sorrows and errors of the past seem like trivialities, my mind is getting dissolved into the infinite consciousness that governs the planet. But some creature of the earth world breaks rudely into my heavenly dream by giving loud voice to the sanskrit hymns being sung and quickly I return to the potpourri of uncertain pleasures and unexpected sorrows which men call life. 
On the way back accidentally I bumped into Sadhguru and asked him what he did to which he winked and answered " That's a secret "!!! 

Initially, I was confused but later I realized that yes - All that is precious in life is a secret. Life is a secret, love is a secret, feelings, our emotions are a secret. We are the biggest secret. For the most precious things in life are not bruited in public. Human instinct is to keep them withdrawn in the innermost recessed accessibel to few - perhaps to none. No wonder the most sacred things in all lives will always be secret and only those who shall seek may find!!

Love you all,

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