Sunday, February 26, 2012

Nothing worthwhile can be achieved without.....

Long hiatus and the this one is overdue. Sometimes life throws a curve ball and we can respond in 2 ways - either get overwhelmed and be clueless or take it head - on. For me, it was state - 1 for a few days and then eventually moved on to state - 2. Won't go into the details of the my situations as I believe these are a part of everyone's life - at one point or the other. But the most amazing observation/realization was the potential of this great instrument called Mind. Surprised by its activities (at times 180 degrees opposite) I have been wondering how to make it more efficient and effective. To reach a state which most of us aspire for but only a handful make it. Struggling and debating about all these I picked up Nietzsche' s Genealogy of Morals and whatever that was going on inside me in a fuzzy manner was aptly put in words by him. The essay is too ling to be written and expounded here but here is a summary - 

Without acquiring a bad conscience, without learning to be profoundly dissatisfied with ourselves, we cannot envisage higher norms, a new state of being, self perfection. Without ascetic ideals, without self control and cruel self discipline, we cannot self mastery that everyone praises and admires. But to settle down with a nagging bad conscience, to remain an ascetic and mortify oneself, is to fall short of Nietzsche's "Dionysian" vision".

So true, so harsh - but that is the reality for most of us or at-least me......

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