Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Adieu Alma Mater

It is time for me to take the next step in my life, which means leaving the current place. My feelings are mixed, at times I feel very enthusiastic about the new place, people, and the opportunities it will offer but on the other hand there is a bit of apprehension. I guess it is human nature not to be comfortable with change, but seldom do we realize that the only thing constant is CHANGE. Whatever the future may behold one thing is sure, which is, my deep indebtedness to my Alma Mater i.e. Columbia University.  I owe this institution an enormous amount of gratitude for what it has taught me about life. My whole time here was full of growth - scientific, personal, and spiritual. Honestly, it is one of those moments in my life where I can look back and say - I do no regret any time I spent on and in the vicinity of this majestic institution. It was almost like a second home for me. A sense of comfort seemed to take over whenever I entered the neighborhood or the campus. It was a feeling that do not worry  you are protected from the rest of world. 

One of my favorite spot on campus was the steps of low library, where resides in her grandeur the great Alma Mater, silently being a witness to endless events. Alma has been a witness to all my trials, tribulations, and triumphs. Shared with her are the most sacred aspects of my life. When I fell in love I sat with her, when I fell out I was on the steps, when I was dejected she comforted me, when I was ecstatic she celebrated with me. These feelings and incidences are a secret and will remain a secret not because I am ashamed of them but because they are too sacred to be shared. Yes that is the thought in the orient i.e. all that is precious in life is a secret. The sure instinct of a person is to keep them withdrawn in the innermost recesses accessible to few - perhaps to none. So the experience of being with her can only be described in a very inadequate and misunderstood word called LOVE. Love in its purest form i.e. free of any kind of expectations and attachements. 

Who knows what will happen in future but the skills I have imbibed will remain with me and make me work harder, so looking back ALMA can be proud of her product.

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