Tuesday, July 10, 2012

From CAL with love - for my thesis advisor

Here are the pics of my farewell from CU. Although many group members were out on vacation and some busy with experiments, all those who were there enjoyed it. What did we do? We went out got some nice drinks and than started playing ULTIMATE. I loved it. As a matter of fact outdoor activities and sports are something I enjoy a lot. I am one of those guys who will be ready to play and learn any game. So we played 2 games and needless to say that both the times my team was the winner, although one thing I noticed was that my boss (Jim Hone) is a pretty awesome player. He can do a forehand, backhand, can throw the frisbee this way, that way etc etc. In the first game we were in the same team and we completely obliterated the opposition. Then Jim switched sides and we had a difficult time in beating his team, in fact we were able to score just one goal in the stipulated 15 minutes (pretty lame compared to the 5 golas we scored in 15 min when both of us were on the same side). 

Pre-game relaxation

Hone group - Partial 

I think we did a pretty awesome job

Oh man I am tired 

Let me text my friend that we won

Victory tastes sweet

How do I describe Jim, who is rare combination of elegance, simplicity, and humility. My interactions with him have convinced me that he is one those guys who will excel in whatever they do in life. A true inspiration and role model he is a wonderful, wonderful person of the new world from whom I have learned a lot. I owe him an enormous amount of gratitude for what he has done for me. My whole time in his group was very fulfilling. He has had a great influence on my life and from him I have imbibed the importance of humility, dignity, and being dependable.

 Final goodbye pic - Me with Jim all sweaty and happy

Although words could never adequately express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for Jim -- I shall attempt to express my feelings by making him proud from my deeds as best as I can.
A poem by Emily Matthews is somewhat close to what I wish to say.

" There are wonderful people 
who give from their hearts
in thoughtful and unselfish ways,                                              
So willing to share, help out, or be there,                                               
no matter how busy their days...
There are people we count on,
whose wisdom and caring 
help everything workout just right - 
Wonderful people
who shine our lives
with their gentle and beautiful light".

Finally I would just say that -  if only you could hear the prayers that fill each thought of you. And the smiles that warm each memory of the generous things you do, you'd know your're treasured more than words can say. 

Thank you Sir, for showing me what I am not and what I could be!
Thank you endlessly,
For you, with you, always...

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  1. Sounded like Jim was an amazing person to be with! Well, I think some people do have started to bond with their advisor so that they can connect and formulate thesis statement better. Anyway, it would certainly be sad to part with them. The good part was that you can see him again in school.