Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Christmas...

After a long time I celebrated Christmas in the U.S. Here is the story in pictures....

Top: Christmas tree I decorated, Left: Exotic Santa, Right: Angel Doll)

Santa's GIft for me.....Lets open it

Not bad....It actually had more stuff than I show....

Hey guys the food and wine are ready...

Lasagna Al dente....believe me it looked good and tasted excellent

Why do I get to eat kibbles and you guys have good stuff.....sorry buddy cheese no good for you

Served piping hot....lets dig in

Thank you Chef

Now everyone go home I need to work...

Merry Christmas and remember:

"You are the Christmas tree that points upwards with branches on all sides. At the time of year when other trees are barren, you are green with many gifts to offer. You bear gifts and lights not for yourself, but for others. Remember that all the gifts you are carrying in your life are for others. Anyone who comes to you, offer them your gifts". - Sri Sri 

Will catch you on New Years