Friday, July 3, 2009

Michael Jackson ---- The King of Pop 01

One of the most iconic, successful and versatile singer and dancer the world has ever seen is no more. May his soul rest in peace For the past few days I was listening to his songs and watching the live performances on the internet, and I concluded one thing. People like M.J are God gifted, no matter how much training we take, it is not possible to reach his perfection. Because that perfection is inbuilt, it is not something he learned it is a quality that comes out of pure consciousness which is flawless and amazing.

After his demise I was having a conversation with one of friends who told me that "MJ was such a notorious personality, he had child abuse charges against him, he doctored his face etc etc..". I stopped him right away and told " Man you should not jump to the conclusions straight away. He enjoyed the company of children, that does not mean he had sexual relationship with them. Getting surgeries was because he had a very traumatic childhood, with his father and others teasing him on his appearance. Also he was never able to enjoy his childhood as we all do, as everytime he wanted to play some outdoor games; he was told to practice for the next concert". So in short just think yourself in his shoes than make such harsh judgments about character and personality".

Then someone interruppts me and says "You talk as if you are his publiscist".

Agreed I am not MJ's PR represenative, but after watching his interviews and reading about his life there is a thing called GUT INSTINCT, where you see things from your perspective. The media and paparazzi have the freedom to write B.S as that is how they float their boats. Watch this interview "Living with Michael Jackson" and then you are free to take a decision on your own as to who is a VICTIM here and who is the DEVIL.

FYI - The interviewer was voted as the 5th most worst British in a national poll in UK, after the the interview.

MJ I do not know what most people think of you, but for me you were one of those few people on this planet who were innocent, childlike and above all a good person at heart.

May your soul rest in peace!

God Bless!!!


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