Thursday, July 2, 2009

Super commentry on YOGA, LIFE and HUMAN MIND....

Recently, I have been giving all my spare time to PATANJALI YOGSUTRAS. Written 5000 years ago astonishingly they are still true and will be true for years to come. I wonder how could a person have such an in depth understanding of the mind. Before I say anything let me 1st write about Patanjali....

Patanjali is rare. He is an enlightened person like Buddha, Christ, Mohammed, but he is different in one way. Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed no one has a scientific attitude. They have changed the whole pattern of human mind and its structure, but their approach is not scientific.
Patanjali is like an Einstein in the world of Buddhas. He is a phenomenon. He has the same attitude, the same approach of a rigorous scientific mind. He is not a poet; Krishna is a poet or a moralist. He is basically a scientist, thinking in terms of laws. And he has come to deduce absolute laws of human being, the ultimate working structure of human mind and reality.

And if you follow Patanjali, you will come to know that he is as exact as any mathematical formula. Simply do what he says and the result will happen. No belief is needed: you simply do it and know. It is something to be done and known. Due to this a man like him is beyond compare.
You can find in Buddha's utterances, poetry -- bound to be there. Many times while Buddha is expressing himself, he becomes poetic. The realm of ecstasy, the realm of ultimate knowing, is so beautiful, the temptation is so much to become poetic, the beauty is such, the benediction is such, the bliss is such, one starts talking in poetic language.

Patanjali will not use poetry; he will not use a single poetic symbol even. He will not do anything with poetry; he will not talk in terms of beauty. He will talk in terms of mathematics. He will be exact, and he will give you maxims. Those maxims are just indications what is to be done. These sutras are so terse, he has not even used a single superfluous word. He will just put down the foundation, and if you follow the foundation you will reach the peak which is beyond. In short he is a mathematician of the mind.

Make sure you get a good commentry on the Yogsutras, else they will be very heavy and you may fall asleep. Sri Sri Ravishankar has expounded them in a very simple way. Here is a link to an article where he explains some sutras. Rest you can buy form the Art of Living Divine Shop.

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More to come in other posts...

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